With so much at stake, you decided to talk to Tom before doing something you may regret. Listen to the new episode today!

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This episode features:

  • Tyler Bell as YOU
  • Journee LaFond as Jaime
  • Mars LaFond as Cole
  • Missy Croft as Tasha
  • Steven LaFond as Tom and Mr. Rye

This episode was written and produced by Steven.

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero.
The Witchever Path Theme song is by RYDR.

The following music was featured in this episode:

  • Sudden Fall by Wendel Schrerer
  • Zipper by Bill Ferngren
  • Oh What a Life by Spring Gang
  • After the Fall by Max Anson
  • Epinephrine by Dissidence
  • Mass Hysteria by Starlight
  • Surveillance Camera by Alan Carlson Green

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