When engaging with a compelling narrative, how often have you wanted to yell out to a character and direct their actions?

“Don’t open that door!”
“Take the overgrown path.”

At Witchever Path, we can hear you. And your choices can have a direct effect on we do. 

Choose the Path

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Our shows come out every three weeks, with time between the episodes devoted to our audience polls and recording/editing the latest episode. The decisions are final. For good or ill, you have a hand in the trials and tribulations of our protagonists.

And we’re looking to do more. More voice actors, premium subscriber content, a touring show. We’re already making them, and your support will help us make this a reality even faster. 

Our “Witchever Path” theme song that we began using in episode 4 of “Squirrels” was written and performed by Rydr.

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