How do I listen to Witchever Path?

Witchever Path isn’t like a lot of audiodramas. We’re a fiction anthology series and now on our third season. As each storyline is self-contained, you can start at the first part of that story and then catch up in time to vote in the next decision point, without having to go through hours of canon and other work just to participate.

In other words: The new story is right here and waiting for your interaction. While you can go back and listen to the completed works from the beginning, it’s not necessary.

How does voting work?

Here’s how it works. We release a new episode every few weeks, along with a poll that we put up in the new episode announcement on our site and on our voting page. The audience has a week from the release of the new episode to vote, and then we take your decisions and use them to finalize the next script, which we then send to our actors.

We record the episode, then send it out and the process begins again.

To help you out, here’s the current story thus far:

Episode transcripts can be found on the individual post of each of these episodes.

Is there a vote right now?

The most recent storyline, DROSS ended on June 10. We’ll be taking the summer off from the interactive part of our show, with the new “Choose the Path” story debuting in October of 2021.

We hope you enjoy it and use the links below to either subscribe to our podcast, link to us on social media, or support our efforts.

-Steven and Jas

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