With revelations that the stalker in the woods may be linked to TWO disappearances, you’re on edge. Then Cole comes home hurt. As he cleans up, his phone was buzzing with a flurry of messages. You are torn between betraying his trust, or taking him out to talk while doing your favorite thing. You chose the latter.

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This episode was written by Steven and produced by Journee and Steven.

It stars:

  • Tyler Bell of the Westside Fairytales as YOU
  • Mars LaFond as Cole
  • Journee as Jaime
  • Steven as the gun store cashier
  • Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero.

The Witchever Path Theme was by RYDR

Additional music for this episode is:

  • My Last Transmission by Gavin Luke
  • Surveillance Camera by Alan Carlson Green
  • Turnaround by Tiger Blood Jewel
  • Innocent Games by David Celeste

You can find these artists on EpidemicSound.com

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