Before we start this one, we want to warn you that this particular story hits a lot of our cast and crew where we live. Violence against gay and transgender people, especially people of color, is all too real. We understand if you need to skip this one, or wait until you think you can listen. 

One of the charities we would like you to know about is Trans Women of Color Collective. 

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This episode featured:

  • Tyler Bell as YOU
  • Journee LaFond as Jaime
  • Melissa Croft as Tasha
  • Harlan Guthrie as Karl Holt 
  • Steven LaFond as the Stalker

This episode was written by Steven and Journee and produced by Steven. 

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero. 

The Witchever Path Theme is by Rydr. 

The following appear courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

  • Impasse by Silver Maple
  • Sudden Fall by Wendel Scherer
  • Night Landing by Cobby Costa 
  • Village Ruins by Experia 
  • Zipper by Bill Ferngren. 

Our special musical feature, Punk Rocker, is used with permission by Crazy and the Brains. Their unique form of punk rock fits this story perfectly, and encourage you to check them out on Instagram, YouTube and wherever you stream music. For our patreon subscribers, we have even more Crazy. Their front man, Christoph Jesus sat down with us for an interview that will be released to the Squirrel Feed this weekend! 

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