It all came down to this. You decided Johnny would go with his sister and Ila to the wake. And because of this… all things move toward their end.

This was the finale of Catamount. 

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Catamount was written and produced by Steven and Jas


  • MJ Bailey as Marisol
  • D’Lo as Ila
  • Tyler Bell as Rainer
  • Ditrie Marie Bowie as Danyelle
  • Rick Croft as Kevin
  • Melissa Croft as Lisa
  • Danyelle Ellet as Officer Hall
  • JARTSY as John Suarez
  • JD Lauriat as Burke
  • Jas LaFond as Lennie
  • Zulynette as Jeannie
  • Mike Gagne as Officer Poole
  • Valerie Von Vice as our Burlesque Host
  • And Henry as the Late Peanut

Special thank you to the Season Three Executive Producer, Blythe Renay.

And to Katie Willis Morton and Oliver! Grand supporters of our stories and phenomenal people to boot! You are the torches in this dark night, lighting the way for our art. 

The Witchever Path Theme was written and performed by Rydr.

Don’t Cross me was by Audio Hero

Foley was by Witchever Path, ZapSplat and Audio Hero. 

These stories are moved toward their ends by your choices. We hope you enjoyed, or at least coped with this decision. And for our Patreon subscribers, this story has a whole other ending. We’re finishing the mix on the second place choice in our poll, where Johnny decided to follow Danyelle rather than go with his sister. If you want to hear it, and a bunch of other exclusive episodes, sign up for our Patreon at’ll be back next month with an all new interactive tale. Until next time, Sleep with a Clear Consequence: Choose The Path

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