This year is off to an accelerated start. And we’re continuing to create interactive stories that contain the representation and issues we feel are necessary to have in audio fiction. We’ve been looking for special ways to interact with the audience even more in the year to come, and as part of that, we have a few things happening.

January 13, CATAMOUNT Finale Livestream

We’re having a livestream of the finale of our latest tale, CATAMOUNT, on January 13 at 9:30pm EST, followed by a live video chat with our cast. If you’re a member of our Patreon, you’ve already gotten the link for free, but you can get access to the even for under $5 at

Sticker Shock Promotion on Patreon!

To celebrate our anniversary and the start of the new year, if you join (or are a member of) our Patreon Squirrel Feed, you’ll receive an amazing new sticker!

If you join our Wanderers tier, you’ll receive a “Boy Bye” Ouija magnet, as well as our Oshun holographic sticker!  And the BGB tier will get another, special surprise on top of those gifts.

You’ll also get access to our extra episodes and other behind the scenes content! 

Come onto the path, dear friends. 

Interact with us:
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