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Hector tells Angie about the moment it all started to go bad. Mira moves forward, and Rommel agrees to an interview. The latest episode of Witchever Path is here. Listen and then vote below to help chart the course of our journey.

Voting has been closed and we’re working hard on producing the new episode based on your decisions. Thanks again, and we hope you’ll enjoy what comes next.

Lito Velasco (He/Him) as Hector
Vyn Vox (He/They) as Mira
DJ Sylvis (They/Them) as Hagbard
Mike Gagne (He/Him) as Rommel
Jas LaFond (They/Them) as Angie
JD Lauriat (He/Him) as Peter
Melissa Geiser (She/Her) as Kristen
Mandy Hall (They/Them) as Tara
Tyler Bell (He/Him) as Tommy

The story was written by Jas and Steven and produced by Steven. 

The Witchever Path Theme Song is written and performed by Rydr

The song, Forsaken, was performed by David Hawkins

The song, Movement, was by David Miles. Find more of his work on

Please join us in three weeks to see how you, the audience, effected our story with your decisions. 

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