When you heard us last, Rommel gave an interview to a true crime podcaster about his release from prison, Hector and Hagbard reflected on the night their band, Illusory Redemption started on the road to ruin, and Mira’s Lyft Accessible Driver turned out to be the night watchman who two decades ago terrified her friends into finishing a ritual in exchange for letting them go. Shocked by his appearance, she was unsure what to do.  Luckily she had you. 

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This episode featured:

Lito Velasco (He/Him) as Hector
Vyn Vox (He/They) as Mira
DJ Sylvis (They/Them) as Hagbard
Mike Gagne (He/Him) as Rommel
Jas LaFond (They/Them) as Angie
JD Lauriat (He/Him) as Peter
Mandy Hall (They/Them) as Tara
Tyler Bell (He/Him) as Tommy

The story was written by Jas and Steven and produced by Steven. 
The Witchever Path Theme Song was written and performed by Rydr.
On The Job was written and performed by ZapSplat. 

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