Burn It Down

Alphonse leads Vanessa back home. Betty prepares her endgame, and Aunt Juliet finally appears in this, the final chapter of Witchever Path’s “Underground.”

CW: Racism, Murder, Transphobia, Homophobia.

You can read the transcript here.

This episode features:

Jas LaFond as Vanessa and Juliet
Nick Frey as Kieron 
Isaiah Frizelle as Uncle Nick
Ditrie Marie Bowie as Aunt Pauline
Vyn Vox as Uncle Alfred and Pen
David S. Dear as Alphonse
Shannon Perry as Betty
Eric Perry as Carl
Tim Sherburn as Deputy Pete
Richard Naldony as Deputy Ronnie
Dallas Wheatley as Kay Lazenby
Rick and Missy Croft as you action news team

Underground was written by Steven and Jas and produced by Steven

The song at the end was I SAW A GHOST LAST NIGHT by Leonell Cassio

The Witchever Path theme was written and composed by RYDR.

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