Witchever Path is casting for their upcoming storyline, “Chosen.” We are looking to fill multiple roles, and are hoping to fill them by Tuesday, January 14.

Content Warning: Witchever Path loves and respects their community and actors and want to make sure that a person’s comfortability and mental health is respected. Be aware that this storyline features racism, murder, sexual themes, and the occult. We work with our actors to ensure their comfort with the lines they’re given, and endeavor to handle the subject matter with the weight and care that it deserves.

Our main roles:

Hector: 42 Cis Male, Mexican American
Third Generation in the States, grew up in Concord, New Hampshire. Former black metal musician, is a music teacher and sound tech in the area. Was the chief songwriter of the cult band Illusory Redemption. Still makes music, albeit not for performing or releasing.


  • “There isn’t anything about the old days that were good.
  • [horrified] They’re letting Rommel out? Now?
  • Our music is not about success, not the way you would deem successful. We are creating something that will leave a scar on the world.
  • [happy] Not me, I love dogs. Hey, buddy, what’s your name?

Rommel: 45, Cis Male, White
Being released from prison after serving twenty years for the killing of Illusory Redemption’s former frontman, Rommel is seeking to use his notoriety to push far right politics and gain money in returning to music.


  • I have been out for ten days, and do you know what I see? In the time I was locked away, the world became more like it was on the inside. Twenty years ago, what I believe would be universally hated. Now, I could run for office and actually win. You wonder what went wrong? Nothing. The Left got their way long enough, and people woke up.
  • [self righteous] Levi attacked me. Never forget that. He was threatening me, he sought me out that night. I just gave it back to him.
  • Do you even believe in a soul? No? Then sign the damn thing.

Mira: 43, Woman, Asexual, Disabled – Any Race
Once an accomplished drummer and master of double-pedal bass drums, life had been hard for much of the last 20 years. But Mira never gave up. She’s fit, into rock climbing and still drums, and the release of Rommel is causing her some consternation.


  • [melancholic] I haven’t listened to that since Levi …. passed.
  • [sarcastic] We’re getting the band back together! yay.
  • We can’t let him just claim our music, Hector! He can’t have it. Not after what he did. We got to put a stop to it.

Hagbard 46, Nonbinary, White
The former rhythm guitarist of Illusory Redemption, and current political activist for LGBTQ and the environment. Hagbard has traveled the world on direct actions and is obsessed with doing good works to atone for a secret. Still keeps in contact with Mira.


  • Paper towels, ziplock, solo cups? Just because you don’t want to wash a dish? It’s ridiculous.
  • Lead with your pronouns, people will likely give their back in their response. They/Them, by the way.
  • [angry] You came to me, hoping for some sort of camaraderie. After what you did?

Please record and submit your audition to narrator@witcheverpath.com. At the beginning, give us your name, pronouns, and who you are reading for. We’re looking forward to hearing your submissions!

Is it Paid? Yes, but not a lot. It’s about ten dollars an episode. If that’s too little we understand, and once we grow, so will the payout.

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