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The climactic end to DROSS is here. With Crimson choking the life out of Marvin, his bloody hand searched for a weapon. You chose the railroad spike. Season Three’s finale is here… Hope you can live with yourselves. 

The Cast of Dross were:

  • Isaiah Frizelle as Marvin
  • Shannon Perry as Geraldine
  • David S. Dear as Calvin
  • Vyn Vox as Athena
  • DJ Sylvis as Hagbard
  • Dallas Wheatley as Crimson
  • Journee LaFond as Chartreuse and Makayla 
  • Josh Rubino as Lance
  • Miranda Riddle as Julie
  • Alexandra Young-Jui as Kristine
  • And Steven as random voices throughout

Foley by Witchever Path, ZapSplat and Audio Hero.

The Witchever Path Theme Song is by RYDR

Approaching Meltdown is by Pearce Roswell.

Expo is by South Pause. 

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That’s the end of Season Three. We’ll be returning to you again in October with Season 4, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be putting things up on the feed. We’ll share some tales from the vault, Journee and I will talk about the folklore and myths behind our stories, and more. All while making new stories for the next season. It’s going to be bigger, slicker, and darker. 

Until next time, loves, Sleep with a Clear Consequence. Choose the Path. 

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