Marvin called the witch, and planned to meet with his siblings at the shop before taking any action against the winemakers. Unbeknownst to him, his sibling, Teenie has been abducted. The witch offered him a difficult choice, to learn a spell, leave town, or to allow her … associate to help them in her stead. You chose the third option. No turning back now. Witchever Path Presents, Dross Part Five… Unwelcome Help

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This episode features:

  • Isaiah Frizelle as Marvin
  • Shannon Perry as Geraldine
  • David S. Dear as Calvin
  • Vyn Vox as Athena
  • DJ Sylvis as Hagbard
  • Dallas Wheatley as Crimson
  • Jas LaFond as Chartreuse
  • Josh Rubino as Lance
  • Miranda Riddle as Julie

Our theme song is by Rydr.

ZooTropio by Etienne Roussel

Dark vs Light, Miss Me With That, and Who’s That Creepin’ by DJ DENZ The Rooster

Foley by ZapSplat, Audio Hero, and Witchever Path

Dross is written and produced by Steven and Jas.

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