After being confronted with a mystical being, what will the Gang do now?
Here’s the latest episode of Witchever Path’s Catamount!

Read the transcript here.

Catamount Part 5 was written by Jas and Steven and produced by Steven. 
Season Three’s Executive Producer is Blythe Renay! 

Which rhymes with Yay!

The cast of Catamount of Part Five is:

Jartsy as Johnny 
MJ Bailey as Marisol
D’Lo as Ila
Tyler Bell as Rainer
Melissa Croft as Lisa
Rick Croft as Kevin
Jas LaFond as Lennie
Ditrie Marie Bowie as Danyelle
JD Lauriat as Burke
Steven as Cashier, News Anchor, and Statie
John Henry as Peanut

The Witchever Path Theme Song was written and performed by Rydyr.

Tmusic comes from Leonell Cassio. You need to check out their Soundcloud here.

Foley was by Witchever Path, ZapSplat and Audio Hero.

None of this would be possible without people like Brian Nunes: 

  • A lover of intersectional queer stories
  • A lover of smart talking cats, and sexy bears
  • And one of the best friends we could hope for
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