Face-to-face with a mountain lion, you helped Ila make a decision that may have saved his life. Rainer and Burke have a tough conversation, and Marisol and her brother see something strange.

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The cast of Catamount, Part Three are:

  • D’Lo as Ila 
  • MJ Bailey as Marisol
  • JD Lauriat as Sgt. Burke
  • Ditrie Marie Bowie as Danyelle
  • Jas as Lennie 
  • Tyler Bell as Rainer
  • Rick Croft as Kevin
  • Melissa Croft as Lisa
  • Zulynette as Jeannie
  • Cass McPhee as the Coronoer
  • Dany Ellette as Officer Hall
  • JARTSY as John Suarez
  • Henry as Peanut

The episode was written by Steven and Jas and produced by Steven. 

Thank you to our season executive producer, Blythe Renay
The Witchever Path Theme was written and performed by Rydyr.

Bachata Azul is written and performed by Marcelo Zaffe

Foley Effects by Witchever Path, ZapSplat and Audio Hero.

A special thank you today and every day to Miranda Riddle. 

Our phenomenal herald of all the things we do. 

You are a wonder. 

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