In these troubling times, it’s increasingly harder to find a third option between two extremes. You saw one and you took it, and now Marisol is attempting to appease an annoyed police officer.

On with the show

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The cast of Catamount Part Two is:

  • MJ Bailey as Marisol
  • JD Lauriat as Sgt. Burke
  • Mike Gagne as Officer Poole
  • D’Lo as Ila
  • Ditrie Marie Bowie (as in bowing) as Danyelle
  • Jas as Lennie
  • Steven as Brian and Dispatch
  • Dany Ellette as Officer Hall
  • JARTSY as John Suarez
  • Henry as Peanut

Witchever Path’s Theme Song was Written and Produced by Rydr!
“Twisted Brain” was written by Kenny Troschler. You can find his music on Soundcloud.
The song “Back to Basics” is from Audio Hero.

Foley Effects by Witchever Path, ZapSplat and Audio Hero.

This episode was written by Steven and Jas and produced by Steven. Thank you to our season’s Executive Producer Blythe Renay. 

We want to thank one of our super supporters Jessica Berner:

Jessica, hidden nobility, 

operating under grace and humor, 

We salute and honor you, 

No matter what name you go by, 

What road you travel,

———-And where you find yourself, 

You help give creative souls hope. 

We love you. 

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