Covenant, Vermont is a sleepy college town trying to restart itself after the pandemic. Recent transplant, Dr. Marisol Suarez, is the head surgeon at the regional animal hospital who is pulled into a tight situation with townies, angry cops, and rumors of a long-extinct predator hunting the town’s pets.

Content Warning: Foul language, Racism, Animals Injured

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Witchever Path is written and produced by Jas and Steven. Our special Executive Producer for Season Three is Blythe Renay.

Here is our cast for Episode 1:

  • Marcilena MJ Bailey as Marisol Suarez
  • D’Lo as Ila Sathiyandra
  • Tyler Bell as Rainer Pelletier
  • JD Lauriat as Sgt. Burke
  • Valerie Von Vice as The Drag Show Host
  • Zulynette Morales as Jeannie

Our Theme Song was written and performed by Rydyr.

And for the other music in this episode:

  • Psychobilly Full by Shutter Bug Music
  • Arches by Zap Splat

Foley Effects were by Witchever Path, Audio Hero, and Zapsplat.

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