Here we go. The fate of Illusory Redemption is decided, and because of your choices, we will now see who will survive, and what will be left of them.

CW: Racism, Homophobia, Human Sacrifice.

Can’t listen right now? Here’s the transcript.

Chosen starred:

  • Lito Velasco as Hector
  • Vyn Vox as Mira
  • DJ Sylvis as Hagbard
  • Mike Gagne as Rommel
  • JD Lauriat as Peter
  • Jas LaFond as Makayla and Angie
  • Steven LaFond as Levi and Widdershins
  • Mandy Hall as Tara
  • Melissa Geiser as Kristin
  • Tyler Bell as Tommy
  • Melissa Croft as your Action News Team

The story was written and produced by Jas and Steven.The Theme Song Was Written and performed by Rydyr

The songs, “Pretty Little” and “Innards” are by the amazing group, Lobotomobile

Stream them on any service, buy their albums, and when the world is right again, let’s go see them live. 

Thank you to everyone out there who pushed and promoted the show, causing us to shatter our voting record each week this story came out. We hope you loved this ride and will stick with us as we move forward to our next story, which will be debuting in late August. 

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While we’re taking a brief break between this story and the next, we’ll be hard at work, casting the next macabre tale and interacting with all of you. Until next time. Choose the Night, Choose the Unknown. Choose the Path. 

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