It’s part seven of our latest story, Chosen. You voted, and here we are… and things have gotten so much worse.

Can’t listen right now? Here’s the transcript.

Because we’re approaching endgame, and you were so understanding of last week, our most recent poll has TWO choices we need to make.

Update: The poll is currently closed! Stay tuned for our next episode!

This episode was written by Steven and Jas, and produced by Steven. 

Our cast this week was:

  • JD Lauriat as Peter
  • Tyler Bell as Tommy
  • Lito Velasco as Hector
  • Jas LaFond as Angie and Makayla
  • Steven LaFond as Levi
  • DJ Sylvis as Hagbard
  • Vyn Vox as Mira
  • Many Hall as Tara


Interact with us:
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