Lost Appetite: Second Course – Part Three

You chose for John to resist the urge to flee or join in on the feast. Here’s what’s happening because of that:

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SECOND COURSE – Lost Appetite was written by Steven and Journee.

It was produced by Witchever Path.

It Features:

  • Steven as John
  • Journee as Joanna
  • Ragnar Arneson as Greg
  • Nicholas Zalowski as Guy

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero

The Witchever Path Theme Song is by RYDR.

Additional music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

  • It is Coming, by Daniel Fridell
  • A Wanderer by Peter Crosby
  • An Obsession by Dayon
  • Hidden Output by Ethan Sloan
  • Lake Serene by Elizabeth Walton
  • Misty Land by Headlund

Second Course: Part One

We have returned.

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Second Course Part 1 was written by Journee and Steven.

Produced by Witchever Path.

It features:

  • Steven as John
  • Nick Zalowski as Guy
  • Journee as Joanna
  • Bryan Tylec as the Waiter
  • Ragnar Arneson as Greg

Sound effects by Audio Hero and Witchever Path

The music in this podcast came from Epidemic Sound:

  • Walk Ahead by Blood Red Sun
  • The Tattler by Chris Shards
  • Themes of Nighmates by Fredrik Ekstrom
  • The Pulse of My Heart by Pearce Roswell
  • Misty Land by Headlund

Happy Halloween.


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  • You were played by Tyler Bell.
  • Journee LaFond played Jaime
  • Mars LaFond played Cole
  • Harlan Guthrie played Trooper Holt
  • Mike Gagne played Agent Temple
  • Steven LaFond played The Scarred Intruder

SENTRY’s Finale was written by Steven and Journee, produced by Witchever Path.

The Witchever Path Theme was by RYDR.

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero.

The following music appears courtesy of Epidemic Sound.com

  • The Stakeout by Christoffer Moe Ditlevson
  • Chip on Your Shoulder and Spider Room by Ethan Sloan
  • Superluminal Motion by Prozody
  • Underwater Disturbance by Cobby Costa
  • Eye for Detail by Jay Varton
  • The Vanished by John Barzetti
  • Bitter Heart by Memi

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Sentry Part Eight: Untouchable

The penultimate choice was made. You decided to trust the Feds in finding your son. What happens next is a direct result of that.

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This episode was written and produced by Witchever Path.


  • Tyler Bell as You
  • Journee LaFond as Jaime
  • Steven as Tom
  • Mike Gagne as Agent Temple

The Witchever Path Theme is performed by RYDR.

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero.

Music featured in this episode comes from Epidemic Sound.com

  • Nearing a Meltdown and Stitches by Bill Ferngren
  • Eris by Lennon Hutton
  • Night Landing by Cobby Costa
  • We could try again – Trabant 33
  • Don’t Look Under Your Bed – Luella Gren

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New Episode: Sentry Pt. 5 -No Time

Before we start this one, we want to warn you that this particular story hits a lot of our cast and crew where we live. Violence against gay and transgender people, especially people of color, is all too real. We understand if you need to skip this one, or wait until you think you can listen. 

One of the charities we would like you to know about is Trans Women of Color Collective. 

Learn more at twocc.us.

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This episode featured:

  • Tyler Bell as YOU
  • Journee LaFond as Jaime
  • Melissa Croft as Tasha
  • Harlan Guthrie as Karl Holt 
  • Steven LaFond as the Stalker

This episode was written by Steven and Journee and produced by Steven. 

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero. 

The Witchever Path Theme is by Rydr. 

The following appear courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

  • Impasse by Silver Maple
  • Sudden Fall by Wendel Scherer
  • Night Landing by Cobby Costa 
  • Village Ruins by Experia 
  • Zipper by Bill Ferngren. 

Our special musical feature, Punk Rocker, is used with permission by Crazy and the Brains. Their unique form of punk rock fits this story perfectly, and encourage you to check them out on Instagram, YouTube and wherever you stream music. For our patreon subscribers, we have even more Crazy. Their front man, Christoph Jesus sat down with us for an interview that will be released to the Squirrel Feed this weekend! 

Listen to Your Legal Counsel – Sentry Part Five is live

With so much at stake, you decided to talk to Tom before doing something you may regret. Listen to the new episode today!

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This episode features:

  • Tyler Bell as YOU
  • Journee LaFond as Jaime
  • Mars LaFond as Cole
  • Missy Croft as Tasha
  • Steven LaFond as Tom and Mr. Rye

This episode was written and produced by Steven.

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero.
The Witchever Path Theme song is by RYDR.

The following music was featured in this episode:

  • Sudden Fall by Wendel Schrerer
  • Zipper by Bill Ferngren
  • Oh What a Life by Spring Gang
  • After the Fall by Max Anson
  • Epinephrine by Dissidence
  • Mass Hysteria by Starlight
  • Surveillance Camera by Alan Carlson Green

Find all of these artists on EpidemicSound.com

Listen to Trigger Discipline Today

With revelations that the stalker in the woods may be linked to TWO disappearances, you’re on edge. Then Cole comes home hurt. As he cleans up, his phone was buzzing with a flurry of messages. You are torn between betraying his trust, or taking him out to talk while doing your favorite thing. You chose the latter.

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The vote closed on January 12, 2022. Stay tuned for the next episode.

This episode was written by Steven and produced by Journee and Steven.

It stars:

  • Tyler Bell of the Westside Fairytales as YOU
  • Mars LaFond as Cole
  • Journee as Jaime
  • Steven as the gun store cashier
  • Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero.

The Witchever Path Theme was by RYDR

Additional music for this episode is:

  • My Last Transmission by Gavin Luke
  • Surveillance Camera by Alan Carlson Green
  • Turnaround by Tiger Blood Jewel
  • Innocent Games by David Celeste

You can find these artists on EpidemicSound.com

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