The Sins Have Been Plated, Time to DIG IN

CW: Suicide, Murder, Graphic Violence, Discussion of Assault

You had to do decide if John believed the client or not, and who took his final call to the family. The choices were close, but the decisions were decisive.

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Witchever Path’s Second Course has completed.
Thank you for steering this story through the complications, betrayals, and conclusion. 

Second Course was written by Steven and Journee LaFond and Produced by Witchever Path LLC. 

The Witchever Path Theme Song is by RYDR. 

It starred:

  • Ragnar Arneson as Greg
  • Journee LaFond as Joanna
  • Steven LaFond as John
  • Aaron Duckie Lirette as the Client
  • Nicholas Zalowski as Guy

The Finale was written by Steven and Journee LaFond and produced by Steven.

Foley was was by Witchever Path and Audio Hero. 

The following music was licensed via Epidemic Sound:

  • Superliminal Motion and Arbitrary Treatment By Prozody
  • Rise from the Shadows by Hampus Naeselius
  • Deathwish Attic by Exeperia
  • Enter the Realm of Shadows by Christoffer Moe Ditlevson
  • Grab that Hatchet by John Sumner
  • A Solitary Man’s Soul by Lars Erikkson
  • I’m Done, Au Revoir – by Humble Hey

And John’s theme – Misty Land by Headlund 

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