Fully out of the bag, you’ve now decided to have Rico try to communicate with Tomas and Alana before finding Otter becomes impossible. But there is danger right outside the door. What will our resident Good Boy do? Will they find Otter? Let’s find out. 

GOOD BOYS, Episode 6 was written by Etienne and Journee and produced by Witchever Path.

It featured:

  • Journee LaFond as the Narrator
  • Jes Negrón as Alana
  • Armani Marquez-Chaves as Tomas
  • John Henry Deonte as Otter
  • Kevin Franklin Bowie as Rico
  • Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero.

The Witchever Path Theme song was written and performed by RYDR.

Additional music comes from EpidemicSound.com:

  •  Ghosts Everywhere and Push Harder by Experia
  • A Solitary Man Soul – Lars Erikkson
  • Blood Money by Hampus Naeselius
  • More than a Coincidence – Christian Anderson
  • Azul by Andres Cantu

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