CW: Animal on Person Violence, Racism, Police Intimidation

An exterminator came to the house. Tomas and Alana called him. Rico knew he smelled off, but between the visions he shared with Otter, and the tattoo the man had, it’s clear: he is the man who put the charm into the trees that summoned the rats. 

To stop the dog from being a nuisance, Alana had locked Otter in the bathtroom. The man went downstairs with Tomas to inspect the basement, while Alana went back to work in her office. Seeing a threat, Rico had a choice: open one of these doors. You chose for him to free Otter. 

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GOOD BOYS, Episode 4 was written by Steven and Journee and produced by Witchever Path. 

It featured:

  • Journee LaFond as the Narrator
  • Jes Negrón as Alana
  • Armani Marquez-Chaves as Tomas
  • John Henry Deonte as Otter
  • Kevin Franklin Bowie as Rico

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero. 

The Witchever Path Theme song was written and performed by RYDR. 

Additional music comes from

  • Spider Room by Ethan Sloan
  • Ghost Everywhere by Experia
  • More than a Coincidence by Christian Anderson
  • Chain of Events by Michael Rothery
  • Save Us by Phonix Tale
  • The Deep End by Jo Wandrini
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