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Rico shared the meat, but is badly hurt. How will he handle what comes next now that he understands human speech? And while he intends to share the meat, will Otter get any? Find out today.

This episode starred:

  • Journee LaFond as the Narrator
  • Jes Negrón as Alana
  • Armani Marquez-Chaves as Tomas
  • John Henry Deonte as Otter
  • Kevin Franklin Bowie as Rico

Foley by Witchever Path and Audio Hero. 

The Witchever Path Theme song was written and performed by RYDR. 

Additional music comes from

  • From Dusk and Azul by Andres Cantu
  • Spider Room by Ethan Sloan
  • Brain Copy Syntax Error by Oh the City
  • Save us by Phoenix Tale

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