Does past trauma inform your decisions?

Season 4 begins with a brand new interactive story. And Tyler Bell, creator of the Westside Fairytales, stars as “you” in this story told in the second person. What would you do to protect your family? What’s the difference between paranoia and informed caution? And what will you do next? Listen to this first episode and then vote.

It’s the first vote of the story. We don’t want to spoil the ending on this page, so head over to the vote page.

Read the transcript.

In addition to Tyler, Mars LaFond played Cole, and Journee played Jaime. Steven did the voice of Andy Calhoun.

The cover art for this story is by Allison Salenetri.

The Witchever Path Theme was written and performed by RYDR.

Foley by us, Zap Splat, and Audio Hero

The song, “Burning Out” is by Under Earth

And a shout out to COP OUT!

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