You voted for Marvin to let it be, and he did, but haunted by the decision, and by what appears to be a real ghost, he reached out to family to see what they would do. With a heavy heart, you thought he’d try to make things right. Let’s hope he wasn’t too late.

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This episode features:

  • Isaiah Frizelle as Marvin
  • Shannon Perry as Geraldine
  • David S. Dear as Calvin
  • Vyn Vox as Athena
  • Dallas Wheatley as Crimson
  • Jas LaFond as Chartreuse
  • Josh Rubino as Lance
  • Alixandria Young-Jui as Kristine 
  • Our theme song is by Rydr. 

Cruisin and Difficult Decision are by Zap Splat

Foley by Witchever Path, Audio Hero, and Zap Splat.

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