We are pleased as all get out to reveal one of the actors who will be playing a major role in our upcoming Season Three story, CATAMOUNT!

Marcilena (MJ) Bailey is a Chicago-based podcaster with roots extending far beyond the city and two cats that love causing chaos more than they love her work. MJ turned to podcasting in 2018 as an outlet for her love of writing and her interest in acting: the former she had been doing since she was a small child and the latter she admired from afar. When she’s not pondering the human experience or crafting tales based in Filipino folklore, she works as a typical (if not overly efficient) administrator in a nonprofit.

As the head of Miscellany Media Studios. She is the showrunner and sole talent for shows like The Oracle of Dusk, Aishi Online, Temporal Light, and The Mountain’s Heart.

Find her on Twitter @oracleofdusk or the Miscellany Media Studios website – miscellanymedia.online

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