Here we are. Hagbard decided to meet Hector and Mira at the hospital. Also, Rommel has a surprise guest.

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Chosen Part four featured the talents of:

  • Lito Velasco as Hector
  • Vyn Vox as   Mira
  • DJ Sylvis as Hagbard
  • Mike Gagne as Rommel
  • JD Lauriat as Peter
  • Kim Dauber as Dr. Burke and the ER Nurse

The music in this episode came from some real talents:

  1. First, our theme song was written and performed by Rydr.
  2. The song “80 Years Heavy Metal” was written and perfomed by Marco Porra
  3. And “Final Doom” was written and peformed by Mitto Bahamut

Both artists sell royalty free music on

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