This is a repost of what went live on our Patreon:

When I was a kid, they were still playing Hanna-Barbera Cartoons around the holidays where all of their various animated characters would get together for the holidays. I loved those weird, non-canonical crossovers. Just as much as Jas and I love the Muppet Show, because some very serious people went onto that show and did the most ridiculous things. 

And then there was the Venture Bros, who were always weird… but their creators released a holiday song with varying frequency throughout the decades that we also adored. So, here’s our try at this. Featuring some truly amazing guests who I cannot believe agreed to do this. We’ll add the full credits to this one post on the Patreon AFTER a week, because we don’t want to spoil this. 

Do you want to hear it?  Here it is. 

Thank you, truly, for supporting and loving our little corner of the podcasting world.

Jas and Steven

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