Part Three is here and you reinforced that love means believing in your partner when the world is unbelievable. Uncle Nick speaks, the world gets smaller, and Threading is starting to unravel.

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This episode featured the talents of:

Jas LaFond as Vanessa
Nick Frey as Kieron 
Gregory Bratton as Chip
Isaiah Frizelle as Uncle Nick
Jessia Ann as Tawny the Waitress
Ditrie Marie Bowie as Aunt Pauline
Vyn Vox as Uncle Alfred
Rick and Missy Croft as your action news team
Steven LaFond as Chief Paker and TJ

This episode was written by Jas and Steven

The Witchever Path theme was written and composed by RYDR. 

“Looking Back Over the Hill” was performed by David Gwyn Jones. You can find this track on

Join us back here on November 21. Until then, sleep with a clear consequence. Choose the Path.

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