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Vanessa made the decision to go to Maine with her husband, Kieron. Familiar faces await, with less than pleasant memories to boot. Where will this lead? You tell us. Also if you missed the first episode, go here.

Voting has closed for this episode! The new episode, and its accompanying poll, will come out on October 31.

Here’s who starred in our episode:

Jas LaFond as Vanessa
Nick Frey as Kieron
David S. Dear as Alphonse
Shannon Perry as Betty
Eric Perry as Carl
Steven LaFond as Chief Billy
Isaiah Frizelle as Uncle Nick

Written by Jas and Steven
Theme written by Rydr

Excerpts of OZ-9 courtesy of Oz-9!

The OZ-9 theme is by John Faley

“Fast Country Pickin'” by Jes Smith

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