Last night, we launched our Patreon, and in a marketing WTF, did it after 9PM ET! We were just so excited to get a new, bonus podcast up just for Patreon subscribers. Free listeners will still get the podcast as normal, but our patrons will have a few other perks.

Here’s why we’re doing it:

  • We want to provide you with more content
  • We need to buy new equipment
  • We need to prepare for the live-show series

For just let us $5 a month you will have access to new bonus episodes, and while we want to give you one a month, I’m pretty certain there’ll be times when you’ll get more than that. We’re givers. We also have higher tiers that include live chats, behind the scene footage, and more. You can learn more about on our Patreon page.

Also, on TeePublic, for the next four days use the code SQUIRRELS on your checkout and get 30% off everything in you cart (unless it’s a new, sale item, which is already at 30%), and rep us out and about!

Here’s our new design in case you hadn’t seen it:

Click image to get to the store.

Your support, whether it’s merch, patronage, or just spreading the word, really helps. It’s a weird world. Let’s navigate the Path together.

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