When we started this podcast idea, 2018 was very new. The cold February winds seeped through J’s windows as I registered the domain name and prepared to write our first story. And then life got in the way, as it always does. J moved North, we began to live together, and adjust to an entirely new dynamic. And in the quiet moments of that year, this domain, and its secret paths grew slowly, and began to invade my dreams. When they’d had enough of the subconscious, the world righted itself long enough for us to take all of the ideas, words, and talent and unleash “Squirrels” onto you.

And you seem to like it.

We started a new TeePublic store with designs started by the show, and people are buying them. We witnessed our first internet debate that leapt from Facebook Wall to Facebook Wall as the voting for Episode 4 was drawing to a close. That, coupled by the sincere word-of-mouth recommendations of several people made this podcast reach ears 367 times and counting. It’s been going for less than a month.

We’re going to be hard at work on Episode 4, which will be released on Thursday. In the mean time, spread the word and get us more wanderers for the Path.



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